Which indicators do u use most

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Indicators use intra day

  1. Accumulation/Distribution

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  2. Bollinger Bands

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  3. Choppiness

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  4. Commodity Channel Index

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  5. Liniar Regression

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  6. MACD

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  7. Money Flow

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  8. Stochastic

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  9. Rate of Change

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  10. Proce Oscillator

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  1. I'm building and open source trading platform that currently uses IB TWS (back testing and live trading) or Yahoo Finance (only for back testing) to get its data.


    I've added the following indicators Volume, Moving Average, Avg True Range, RSI, Pivots what other indicators do people commonly use for intra-day time frames?

    As I want to add the most common ones.

    I've been trading for 5yrs full time but I only use SMA, Volume, Support/Resistance, Pivots as for me its all about price.

    Please vote

  2. Candles volume and price... Nothing else you need. :cool:
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    The indicators I use are special and not standard. Also, I use NT which works as front end already on IB and most other platforms for free. The cost you pay is when you go live and/or for data feed.
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    I know you're a noob by the thread title, but at least learn to spell.
  5. I use KONGA(14), BUDU(22) and SODE(18). They are fantastic. Better than price. :)
  6. I did this as an open source project as I have a lots of spare time.

    As I focus on gapping stocks (mainly earning) I wanted to build over time a database with gappers and their data (2yrs which will be 3-4K gappers).

    As I thought those that know how to trade tend to only use simple MA's, Vol, Price, Support/Resistance and Pivots.

    And yes there are a lot of platforms out there that allows you to code simple strategies and yes back testing does give you the best results possible. But as they say if a strategy cant make money when back tested it sure is unlikely to when running live!

    Next step is AI algos couple with PGM (Probabilistic Graphical Models) idea here is to identify patterns on charts, trade analyse and learn. This is something you wont be coding in NT or TS.

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    I second that!

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    Excellent project! Thanks for sharing your code base.

    A lot of these types of projects tend to not reinvent the wheel. Instead, they'll incorporate the TA indicators from the ta-lib.org project. They have a Java interface.

    I think a very useful addition you could make to your project is to allow the trading of options based on price triggers from the underlying stock.

    As far as backtesting goes, I can understand if you want to expand that out just for possibly the fun of rolling your own. But honestly, is there anything you would want to do in backtesting that, for $279, Amibroker doesn't already do and is way faster than you'll ever be able to achieve in Java?
  9. Interesting, you left the most used indicator of them all out.
  10. ==========
    Well james;
    those you mentioned are great.PSAR is worth a mention;
    50 period/day moving average, on volume, & price................................

    Momentum is a great indicator if one likes to get out of a trend WAAAAAY early. I hate it & seldom use it for that reason.:D

    I enter all my trades intraday or close;
    & close most all of them intraday or@ close, but seldom daytrade-too many comissions/slippages..............

    Wisdom is profitable to direct:cool:
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