Which Indicator uses Volume as a variable

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    Any views? My (basic) research seems to say the only price and time are factors. Please correct me.

  2. Just make one up that suites your logic of why volume is important.
  3. The price volume trend (pv) is programmed medved quote tracker. I use it sometimes at the open.
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    Sorry, I don't get your meaning, WDGann.
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    Is this an indicator that is provided with charting software or a "roll-your-own" calculation?
  6. its provided with the software.
  7. Volume indicators fall into three categories:

    MA's, OSC, and ROC's

    A hybrid class also exists where price and volume are combined.

    Some of the Accumulation/Distributuion indicators fal into this hybrid class.

    The general use of volume for making money relates to its use as a leading indicator of price.

    One thing you can do is get some reference books on the use of indicators. A basic one is: Technical analysis from A to Z. the author, Steven B. Achelis is CEO of equis who makes Metastcok software.

    The foundaion of TA is the P, V relationship which confirms how all patterns work. You can use this relationship as the basic guide for all money making. Charting with price and volume is like clockwork once you decide the money velocity of profit taking that works best for you. I work on the 30 min equities charts and the 5 min index charts.

    I go to slower charts for the slower trends. Today, Monday is such; I am on the 15 min chart and the profits are running at about 2 points per hour since the open.

    Correspendingly, this week the equities are running 3 to 5 % a day.

    Volume is the key trading timing signal generator.
  8. bwahahahaha... meaning your 3 categories won't work solo. Funny shit!
  9. On Balance Volume - OBV
  10. No. Meaning that people who are organized follow conventions that are old and established.

    You blow people off with silly comments. Other people like to support the questions that come up.

    I enjoy your posts; it gives ET a chance to see what most people are like here and how they think. You fit right in.

    Bringing up whether an indicator works solo or in conjuction with something else is an interesting concept. A lot of other concepts come fter that too.

    Carpenters with 20 years experience come in two categories. you certainly are telling everyone which one you fit into.
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