which index futures do you trade and where do you do it from?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by eutrader2, May 20, 2004.

  1. i'm in chicago, and i trade
    S&P mini for the majority of the day.
    also dabble in:
    NDX mini
    Russell mini
    Eurostoxx 50
  2. wow. i'm the only index trader! no wonder i keep scratching!
  3. i want to begin trading. can i trade evenings? what time?
    what is easiest to begin trading? e-mini dow, gold, crude? PM me
  4. omniscient

    omniscient Guest

    S&P almost exclusively. i dance a few cards with the Q.


    take care -

  5. I trade the following from Tokyo:

    TSE TOPIX futures
    Hong Kong HSI futures
    Eurex DAX/EuroSTOXX/Bund futures
    S&P eMinis
    Dow YM minis (on occasion)
    Various CME currency futures (mainly JPY, EUR, GBP)
  6. omniscient

    omniscient Guest

    sorry - i forgot to answer the where. i trade in the US.
  7. Lucrum


    I was trading mostly the NQ and recently decided to try my hand at the mini-dow again. I think I may like it better.

    I'm in Atlanta, although I travel for a living and often trade from a Hotel room.
  8. TG


    YM exclusively for me, best trade I've found in 35 years of this.