Which hypnosis/self-help products are good?

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    Did anyone try those CDs, taps or videos about hypnosis/self-help? Which one is good? Does Paul Mckenna's products helpful? Is there any scam artist?

    Thanks for any comment.
  2. What about TradingMind software by Jake Bernstein?

    Has anybody tried this?
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    Since we spend so much time in front of the computer while trading, I bought a software which flashes subliminal messages on the computer screen, the messages are flashed every five seconds and last 100 milliseconds, so they are barely visible to the eye.

    There was an experiment done I believe in the early 70's before the gov. banned flashing of subliminal messages by the media; it was done in a movie theater, they flashed messages which lasted 100 milliseconds, it said 'Drink Coca Cola and Eat Popcorn'. The coke sales jumped by 57% and popcorn by 35% during the movie...

    The software I downloaded is from a UK based company subliminal-power, for a nominal fee of $29. You can customize it to flash whatever message you like, it just reads a text file.

    Here is what I programmed in:

    Trading is a game of probabilities.
    Every trade is just a profit or stop.
    Any given trade is not of significance.
    Results over a certain time period is what matters.
  4. Thanks for the reply, links.

    How has it enhaned/imporved your trading?
  5. Any results?


  6. links,

    that is a really cool concept. i am going to look into your method. when i was in school, i would tape my lectures and play them when i slept on a continous loop tape. i would wake up with almost complete recall of what the professor taught.

    thanks for the idea !


  7. i'll probably get some flack for saying this, but i find tony robbins techniques to be very effective in several aspects of my life. i would HIGHLY reccomend anything by tony robbins.


  8. Links,

    do you have the web address for the subliminal power website where you down loaded the program?

  9. There is nothing wrong about his techniques except that they somehow do not work for Tony Robbins himself. I mean, the guy has been divorced at least once and his kids are pretty obese (or so I have heard), so to me he is not necessarilly an epitome of a person who achieved the success in the areas these tapes are supposed to work in. But if they work for you, that's great.
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    Yea, I wish I had Tony Robbin's problems.:cool:
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