Which Housing Number Is Accurate ....? Up 11% or Down 21%....?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by libertad, Jul 27, 2009.

  1. Goverment will have to spin numbers. They have spent way to much tax payer money to not show some improvment.

    Take any goverment number with a grain of salt. The market has all ready figured out that the goverment will provide plenty of positive economic data going forward wink wink.
  2. Couldn't the sales price increase be due to:

    1) People with larger homes and mortgages liquidating and relocating to smaller homes (the rich have been hit the hardest percentage-wise by the collapse of the housing market...)

    2) All of the larger/pricier vacant houses on the market being resold at lower price levels as people become more pessimistic about a housing recovery and sell now while they still can.
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  4. Hopefully you don't trade using multiple time frames...
  5. Ritholz's understanding of numbers is every bit as bad as Cramer's.
  6. CET


    If you are not going to read the info then you are in trouble. The Yahoo article saying up 11% is compared to May 2009, up about 35K. The 384K is not any indication of some great rebound. Ritholtz numbers are a year over year comparison. Both number accurately reflect the numbers for the period compared against. Some will scream the bottom is in and others will say the numbers are still pathetically low and don't indicate anything. There is so much margin of error in these numbers that you can't put too much weight on them. Pay attention to the trend over several months.