which high speed internet connect to use?

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  1. I am running a home grown automated trading system through a Verizon DSL (the broker is IB), which recently experienced a lot of disruptions. On a typical day the disruptions (which forced the Trader Work Station to reconnect) is more than 100 times.

    Is this frequency of the disruptions normal in your experience? I read that cable high speed internet is more prone to disruption as it is "shared". If so, then it seems that I am struck with the DSL.
  2. i use comcast and got to admit, they have very very very little down time. in the past couple years i can remember maybe a few times it going down for just a few minutes and 1 of those times was because a cable was cut by a construction worker or something like that.. that took about 8 hours to fix as they were working through the night, but thats about it.
  3. pepper_john, That is not normal
  4. Abnormal in the extreme. Something is radically wrong.
  5. I have Verizon Fios with IB and do not experience anything like that.
    As far a Fios, it runs solid never a disconnect.
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    If he has DSL, he probably can't get FIOS. If you can get it, then do so. Real solid.

    To OP - if running an automated system, have you looked into VPS or dedicated hosting of your system and the TWS? You can always monitor your system via remote access and if there is an issue with your broadband, at least you wont get bumped from IB. Plenty of providers in and near NYC and close to IB's servers in CT (I believe) so your ping times would probably be better than from your home. If running a system, it is worth the extra 50-200 month, depending on what you need, imo.
  7. thank everyone for your input. Obviously there is something very wrong with my DSL.

    It's good to know that Comcast cable works just fine. Also thank James for the tips on VPS. It looks very interesting.
  8. Given the availability, FIOS should be the first choice. Cable modem second. DSL is last resort, or use as a backup. The throughput are much better with fiber or cable. DSL is going through the same pair of wires that are used for your telephone. There are limitations on how fast they can use them to carry data.

    Even so, DSL should be more reliable than that. I use AT&T (formerly Pacific Bell, oh no, formerly SBC Communications, oh no, formerly Soutewestern Bell, oh no, formerly AT&T). They take the link down (usually in the middle of the night local time) every couple of months for a few hours. Other than that, AT&T DSL has been fairly reliable too.
  9. I use Time Warner cable 3O down X 5 UP. While I am in NYC, my neighborhood is strictly residential so i get those number during RTH even though in the evening (which i don't care about) it slows down dramatically. Fios, if available should be your first choice, but a cable rig is also decent choice.
  10. Your dsl box could be dieing, or the signal to it is now Piss poor.

    Check error logs

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