Which "gurus" will provide their trading records?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by gotta_trade, Jan 20, 2003.

  1. So many "gurus" refuse to show their trading records.

    Which "gurus" will provide their actual trading records when you ask to see them?
  2. The only Gurus that will show their results are the Fund managers and CTAs that manage money. They have to post their results. Anyone that is trading his own money and does real well would probably want to keep the results down for Tax reasons.
  3. I'm not expecting them to show their income tax statements. I was wondering which one's would show their trading records. I'm also not asking to see their deductions, just a simple brokerage statement.

    I was referring to the "vendor" gurus, that are in the book and seminar sales business.

    I realize that some of them will post their results when they want or during the period that they choose. But, are there any that will show us their trading results when we ask.

    I would respect anyone that did. At least he is walking his talk.
  4. Even if they show you records, they may be able to "park" the good trades in 1 acct to be shown to the world and put the invested trades (i.e. losers) in another account.
  5. GATrader, surely they wouldn't do that would they now ?