Which games resemble the game of trading the most?

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  1. To relieve boredom I'm going to take up video games, or games in general. Obviously poker is the game most similar to trading. Can anyone think of any others?
  2. I used to play Starcraft a lot way back in the days. Unfortunately I missed the whole poker craze, never got into it.
  3. our office plays Quake Arena :D
  4. The only first person shooter game i ever got into was DOOM even further way back in the days. I haven't been much into first person shooter games ever since. I'm more into games that involve strategy, and management of resources in a zero-sum way.
  5. Darts are fun, dont take up much space.
    Keep hitting the board, you should hit good numbers eventually.:)

    edit; Plus the precision, strategising , odds/evens aspect, strong elements of skill vs randomness, neverending room for improvement, meditative aspect, etc.
  6. Russian Roulette is the game most similar to trading.

  7. About 10 years ago, I spent several months glued to my PC playing Wall $treet Rider. Cool game, shareware but really worth having. You could still get it as a freeware and then if you like it the full version is around $20. :D :D :D :D :D
  8. is sports betting an option? JUUUST like trading. The tape (stats) dont lie. Sometimes you are too late and the line has moved too far for it to be a good bet (chasing) while other times you cant believe what a no brainer the bet is (easy money) And most similar, nothing is EVER predictable (nothing ever being predictable)
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    I reccommend TradeSports.com. Set up just like a market. Very good for homing your skills.

  10. Hearts
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