Which fundamental data/report has the most influence on Agricultural Futures

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  1. I am looking for the main fundamental data/reports that influence agricultural futures (Soybeans, Soyoil, Soy Meal , Wheat, corn) and by whom they are published and when
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  3. There is a monthly crop report at 9 AM PST, the schedule is here:


    Also there is a quarterly grain stocks report as well, next one is in June. The last one on March 28th made beans drop 60 points and corn go limit down, so I'd say it's actually a much bigger report, just less frequent.
  4. anyone trade vola going into these reports?
  5. The open interest and volume data reported by the CME the day the WASDE report (and 'around' this day) is release each month probably gives some hints.
  6. What ever happened to The Leslie Report?
  7. Thanks all for this very important thread. I am trading the news versus the agricultural reports, and now we do have two important releases from USDA to track:
    1- WASDE monthly
    2- US Grain Supply on Quarterly basis.

    Is there other reports that would be impacting the market for any type of Agricultural futures whether grains/oilseeds, livestock, softs like sugar coffee cocoaa.. etc ..
    I am pasting here the USDA calendar for the month to help inspire the discussion

    Thanks for your time
    M. Salem
  8. I'd like to know where people obtain fundamental data for cocoa and sugar as well. I trade those two markets heavily and I usually rely on price action. It's worked for me, but I'd like to make more fundamental trades in these two.

    I know that cocoa's trade is dominated by the Ivory Coast in Africa and largely consumed by Europeans. I haven't been able to find the data sources, though. Sugar, I know is controlled by South America. I know that UNICA publishes data.