Which Front End is best for Automation

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  1. Which Front end software is best or good, for an autoexecute type of automation?

    Any comments or experiences would be helpful.
  2. Depends on your programming capabilities, how much you want/can pay for it, how much of your time you want/can invest in it, what kind of tradingsystems/traing-frequency you got, what datafeed/brokers you want/have to use, what market you gonna trade etc.etc.etc.

    Different traders/systems have different needs, and as such there is no software that can generally be considered "the best".

    When you have answerd all those questions, and carefully compared the different auto-trading products, its likly that you will find that none of them does all you want and is compatible with your preferred brokers/feeds. Solutions that look good on paper also fail often on allegedly "small" issues. Its a long, hard and often very frustrating way to get there.
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    if its autoexecute why do you need a frontend? you need a feed and order handler.
  5. Pippi thanks for your response, all good questions I need to ask myself.

    Rosy, thanks for the link and the responses.

    I only think I need a front end I suppose. Only a few of my strategies are aoutex. I might want Autoex in and manual exit or manual in auotex out.

    BTW I should mention I will be trading PROP, so I am looking at prop front ends not retail. After I find the right front end, then I will need to hire someone to code it up.
  6. For Prop, you've got a couple of possibities.....Tradestation is one of them. I know of several prop firms who built "bridges" from Tradestation to their own proprietary order entry programs.
    Another one to consider is Strategy Runner. I've trialed it and it has a decent front end as well as back-end automation. Technically, it is well-architected, and very fast (C++ based). However, your strategy will need to be coded in C++ from what I understand. The only other caveat is: Strategy Runner is licensed to many RETAIL firms, but I haven't heard of many Prop shops using it.
  7. Any chart based auto execution available for programming chalenged people?
    I use QT now but they have no auto execution yet.
  8. hi - any good free-ish order handler you'd recommend?
  9. Tradestation is your best bet....pre-built strategies, and even if you had to create your own, you could copy an existing one and modify fairly easily. The Easy Language is very high level even compared to Excel VBA. BTW: What is QT ? (BT=Button Trader, NT=Ninja Trader, QT=??)
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