Which free or low cost charting software?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Andiroo, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. BSAM


    Okay you're using Sierra Chart with what data feed?
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  2. I use Barchart.com... they're a pretty solid stream in my experience. I've had one problem with them (they said their network time server HW went down), and they refunded a month's dues for the trouble.

    I was an IT network guy in the dot-com years... Financial shops will raise hell if they loose 50ms of data... much less the 2 to 5 second gaps when IB pulls their nocturnal tricks. My suspicion is that they're doing systems maintenance, but there are ways to do that without daily gapping data.

    I haven't had problems with IB fills.
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  3. Andiroo



    What level on barchart.com do you subscribe to as it gets kinda pricey?


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  4. I use their DDF feed... it's about $60/month for my complete quote package... base DDF fees are $40/month plus whatever data plans you pack on top of it.

    Pricing breakout here:
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  5. spd


    Ive been satisified with Sierra Charts and IQ Feed
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  6. RobertG


    I think the only feeds I would use is Rithmic and/or IQ Feed.
    The charting with Rithmic and NinjaTrader has been great!

    I am testing IQ on multicharts

    I dislike the big brokerages, no help once you need it. You are a NOTHING to them.
    All they have to do is run a few more ads and find a few more shmucks.
    Stay away from them...only my opinion.
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  7. bstay


    i use TradeStation. the monthly fee is $99.95 but if you trade over the minimum volume criteria (10 round-turn futures contracts, or 5000 shares) per month, the fee is waived.
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  9. RobertG


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  10. Eight


    Agreed, I get data from Barchart.com through SC and it's cheap and reliable... I get some bad volume data at the open on some stocks occasionally but otherwise, very nice to work with.
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