Which Forex Brokerage Firm?

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  1. Ok I'm going to open an forex account, the question I have is which firm do I go with.
    I want good cust service, charting and speed.

    Please any feedback will be greatly appreciated.:D
  2. gft is nice, great customer service.
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    fxdd, Odl. both are good brokers. both offer Metatrader4 platform and Currenex platform.

    odl is regulated in UK, US, and Japan.

    IB is good and has very competitve spread but the platform is not very user friendly. not good for small account size.
  4. IB and Oanda are good.

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  5. Does anyone have any experience or opinions with Forex.com, part of Gain Capital?
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    very good broker. Their spreads are as low as 1-2 pips.Forex.com is a registered Futures Commission Merchant (FCM), regulated by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), and a member of the National Futures Association NFA

    IF you have a forex.com account or plan to open a new account go to fx-signals.net and get cash rebates$3.5 on every trade + $150 welcome bonus and many more.
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  8. cme currency futures > spot
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    Suggest you use BigDoughfx, which just has hired Lothar Wencszaloty as its chief currency strategist. Wencscaloty is the editor of “Never a Losing Trade,” which is the standard hedging manual for retail forex customers. BigDoughfx has a full product suite, but, alas, it has discontinued steaming video dealer chat. Vladia Draganova, who did the chat, left the firm for a different gig. I believe she's now in the services industry in Paris with some Russian ex-pats.
  10. I am with STIFX.
    I am happy with the execution i get in MT4.
    Regarding customer support its best. I sometimes ask them questions in weekends, and very nicely i get answer in weekends as well. So i rank them well in Support level.
    I didnt find any problems with withdraw of profits or depositing more funds, And didnt have any fee when depositing via bank.
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