Which flat-panel to buy?

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  1. I'm looking at buying the Samsung 191T 19" flat panel. Just thought I'd see what you guys thought about it. Is the 19" worth it or would multiple 18" flat panels be better?

    So far the best price I've seen on the 191T is $697. Please reply if you know of a place selling this one for cheaper.


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    AFAIK, this is the best monitor for financial applications at any price. However, I would strongly recommend that you take a look at the new Viewsonic that has a thin bezzel - it may offer at least as much as the now aging 191T.

    As far as 18 vs 19, it all depends on how many monitors you are planning to put together and how much "space" (are you willing to get arms to stack them one on top of the other?) and whether you are one of those people that can tell the difference between .29 and .28 pitch.

    You cannot really go "wrong" with any of these monitors. I use the 19" because I am always looking at new stuff and I can use all the real estate I can get.

  3. See Sig: Would buy again in a heartbeat :D
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    Can you get multimonitor stands for either the viewsonics or the samsungs???


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    Yeah, and they ain't cheap :(. You can get a stand that holds two 19" CRTs for about $300, and I can attest they fit the 191Ts cuz I'm looking at them right now :D.

    I got them from some place like Ergonomic Arms, or something (can't recall). www.lcdarms.com have some as well.
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    Matrox G200 MMS QUAD.

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