which firms increased margin rates last week?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by mgarc, Oct 13, 2008.

  1. mgarc


    just curious, which firms increased margin rates during last weeks volatility?

    mine did - RCG doubled margin rates... anyone else out there?

  2. mgarc


    anyone from MF Global or Advantage who could share their side?
  3. CME raised margins...
  4. mgarc


    that's not quite what i was referring to.

    yes, cme raised ES margins to $5,063 per contract.

    RCG even doubled that to $10,126 for the ES. anyone have a similar experience?
  5. Everyone always complains about IB raising margins, never saw IB asking twice the exchange margin for futures.

    Futures brokers are free to set margin levels above exchange minimum requirements any time they want to. Customers are free to move to another broker.
  6. Anyone that bitches about margins, is a trader guaranteed to be broke eventually.
  7. mgarc


    strong words. may i ask how much money do you trade, or better yet, how much money have you made this year?

    last week was quite extreme. whereas normally i wouldn't care about this, last week was different.
  8. you prove my point, at the most extreme you want the most margin.

    thats what busted out our banks.
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    check out redoption.com go to resourses then macmillan weekly...i think he mentionned jp morgan as one of them
  10. Open Ecry has left the regular margins in tact recently. I personally like being able to set the margin I'd like to use and OEC does a good job monitoring their risk controls.
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