Which firms choose?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by arna, Apr 25, 2011.

  1. arna


    Guys what's your opinion about these prop firms:
    - Golden Market Management - proptrading.ca
    - Europroptrading - europroptrading.com
    - Nevis Trading - part of JC Trading for international traders
    - Everest - propcanada.com

    Each one have good offer:
    80-85% payout
    15c/1000 shares - clearing

    but different kind of how do they calculated NSCC fee. Some per fill, some per volume etc.

    Anyone trading for any of these companies?
  2. mlmngod


    I would say it really depends on the type of trading you are looking to to.

    GMM - great if are looking to do a lot of automated trading and are looking to use Goldie's server farm

    Europrop - from my uinderstand they are offering a great deal only thjing is if you are true HFT they charge NSCC a little different so it eats up profit

    Everest - this is where I trade, everything has been good so far, but not frills just the basics and that is what the fees are so low, they do have some templates you can buy for certain startegies but if you are looking just to trade is really is not bad.

    Nevis - I had bad experience with JC so I would perfer not to comment (plus I hear they are part of WTS now)

    Send me a pm if you want to know anything else
  3. arna


    So far GMM and Europroptrading looks good.

    Anyone trading for them?
  4. HTmarket


    Do your research before putting money with these Quebec companies.

    Here's a good place to start:


    -Click on Find an Enterprise (right)
    -Type in the name of the prop firm from Quebec

    You will get:
    -address of the company. You should Google map the address! You'll see some companies are operated from apartments in the ghetto or shit houses. (good thing if there's no address on the web site, not a good indication btw's)
    -the date of incorporation
    -information on bankruptcy, liquidation or dissolution's
    -related companies
    -shareholder info. Look to see if there's changes withing management. It can maybe show that management is not stable.
    -info on trading/business names used by the company
  5. everest, hands down