Which firm meets this criteria?

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  1. I am wanting to switch to a pro firm to do remote trading. I currently use TradeStation, and love the stategy automation feature. The only reason I am switching is so that I can have 5:1 (or more) overnight buying power.

    What I need in a pro firm is:
    1. 5:1 (or more overnight margin)
    2. Ability to interface with TradeStation so that I can use strategy automation -or- ability to interface with anyother platform that has strategy automation
    3. A reputable firm that has been in business for several years, so that my money is (hopefully) safe

    Does anyone know a pro firm that meets this criteria?
    (I would like to go with BrightTrading, I trust the stability of the company & they have 5:1 buying power-but I can not find anyone who knows how to interface TradeStation & Bright software for automation)
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    chicago trading services wrote a program for me that connects my tradestation easylanguage to their clearing. My leverage is 10:1 intraday and 4:1 overnight. Otherwise, you can go with any firm that will let your programmer use the firm's API to connect your tradestation signals to their clearing for order execution.

    Automated trading was a hard switch to make, but finally paid off.... after many revisions....

    Good luck!

  3. How has your experience been with Chicago Trading? How long have you been using them?

    Has your automation worked OK. ie- Has there been any issues come up with compatibility or stability? Are the orders filled at the same speed? Have you had any problems with sending the orders through TS to their clearing?

    Let me know....thanks.

    Automation is great. Very convenient. Unemotional approach to trading. Dependable (once you get something that works consistently). Best of luck with it!
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    just to clarify it is chicago trading services, not chicago trading company (they are a big options firm) and we've been with them for almost a year, although only running automation for the last few months. Automation has worked well, we have had some challenges with attempting to manually execute out, but we solved it by paying for 2 data fees and logging in in 2 different computers. One for the black box (tradestation) and one that is just the standard front end. We have used a CTS programmer to help with changes to our strategy... changes have taken about 2 weeks to complete. All in all, it runs very well on speed and stability and allows us to use a lot more leverage than the standard retail account at tradestation. We have considered writing a stand alone program to avoid tradestation entirely, but it would be time consuming and costly... so, for now our current setup works well. Good luck....

  5. Using Rediplus API, connecting TradeStation to to Bright Trading is not a big deal

  6. The only problem with this is, I am not knowledgable enough to do it & have yet to find anyone who has experience in doing this. Do you know of anyone who is using this combo? Or can help set it up?
  7. The interface can be done by Trade Station's end...they should want to be involved with the biggest platform (RediPlus) and Goldman...contact TS, tell them to call me, I'll set it up.

  8. I traded with Bright using an automatic execution system based on TS with a RedI interface. This was several years ago and the API and TS has changed, but it is doable. (It maybe even easier now).
  9. How was your experience with using TS automation clearing through BT?

    I know it was a few years ago, and technological abilities should have improved drasticaly since-but did you have any major issues then? Any bugs or hang ups with stabiliyt/consistency?
  10. Don-

    I will contact them as soon as I get done posting this reply. I have a feeling they won't be to accomodating though. A couple of days ago I posted this question on the TS forum to see if anyone had experience with combing TS & BT-and within 5 min the thread was deleted & TS called/emailed me stating that I could not discuss competing brokers on their forum. But, I will try by phone today & see if I can get some cooperation.

    I will let you know.
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