which famous trading systems are good?

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    Out of all the systems that are sold for tradestation (mesa, asc trend, larry williams, dennis meyers...) which ones are valuable, and is there any web site that lists them by market and rates them?
  2. ROFL! Every single one of the above is snakeoil! :D

    Wake up, man. None of them are 'good'. Otherwise they wouldn't be famous.

    The reason vendors sell systems is because they can't make money with it themselves.
    If you want to make money, you must develop your own system.

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    If I were a rich man, I hire a few mensa qualified teenage nerds who knew absolutely nothing about the markets. I'd provide them all the data for the last 50 years and put them in a room with a couple of Crays.

    Once they figured it out, I'd sell the information on the internet.
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    Come on, this is bullshit. I have a cd with 400 trading systems - there must be something good in it. I want to know if there is a site that rates all these systems, even if it will say "this is shit".
  6. There is a site that rates systems but I have forgotten the name of it. Something like Futurestruth. Im sure somebody knows the correct name.

    edit: www.futurestruth.com
  7. FWIW Futures Truth has been rating systems for quite a while:

  8. You'll rarely find a site where anything says "This is shit", because their only reward could be lawsuits.

    You'll find plenty of sites where it says: "This is great", because their only reward is profits from affiliate programs.

    This is the way the world works. Say "Woo" and I'll give you $. Say "Poo" and I'll sue your ass.

    If you were in business yourself - Which would you rather?


  9. I bet a lot of people have lost a lot of money buying Systems Based on FuturesTruth Statistical Ratings.
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    In my research figure on business exspences in addition to power company bill for a lite in the nite.


    Great starting place is Jack Schwager books;
    still like risk reward ratio starting with Jack Schwager as part of foundation.:cool:

    Love learning- Solomon, trader king
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