which exchange to trade commodities?

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by mfhboy, May 26, 2006.

  1. mfhboy


    So many exchanges offer commodities, but which one you guys prefer? I want to trade copper. Sorry for this beginning question.
  2. If you plan to trade copper, your alternaitves are LME and NYMEX.
  3. you must have meant the LME and COMEX.
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  5. a newbie should not be trading copper futures
  6. Why stop at copper? Perhaps newbies should trade nothing and go back to their "real jobs".

    At least EliteTrader's namesake Elitism is alive and well everywhere.
  7. when i was a newbie i traded full sized spoos, lumber, coffee, OJ, and get this, would place market orders for currencies during reports.

    To make it even worse, this was in the days when it was all pit trading. Sometimes it would be 10 minutes before they called with my fill (no email then either), and i wouldn't know my price till then. Market orders were safer cause with limits, often wouldn't know if i was even in the market.

    Amazing it took me as long as it did to blow my acct.