which ET members are the top 10 volume players in real trading?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by qdz3se, May 24, 2004.

  1. qdz3se


    Just be curious to know where I am. Do you have a clue about these top 10? I think that one has to do at least a quarter million every day to enter the list. Is my guess reasonable?

  2. Turok


    >Just be curious to know where I am.

    In your own little world.

  3. I know guys doing 10m+ daily I thought that my 10m months seemed high before that.
  4. Mecro



    That must be some serious position trading or high size hardcore scalping (rebates?)
  5. qdz3se


    But whoever does $10M a day won't be on the list as he or she might never come to ET. So remember, it has to be a ET member.

    Still I think my 1/4 million estimation should be close.

  6. qdz3se


    Another thing, don't count in leverage.

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  8. Everest


    You are

    A. Wrong

    B. Rather sad
  9. def

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    who cares and what difference does it make (other than to point out that you are wrong :D )
  10. Everest


    Because, for some reason, it makes her feel better.

    To be frank, were I just starting out trading and I had the chance to converse with some of the big guys I would be delighted. Inspired. Moved to be better. Others just like to believe in the lowest common denominator. So be it.
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