which economists do you rate?

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  1. i often see people put posts up of articles made by big name economists. which ones do you think are good and why. personally i like thomas palley do any of you know of him.
  2. if you have never heard of thomas palley here is a link to his website.


    i like him because he was against inflation targeting.
  3. pspr


    Don't believe any of them. They all have their faults and misbeliefs. If you read their analysis ask yourself if it makes sense and is it supported by the facts.

    I can tell you who the two dumbest economists I have heard lately are.

    1) Joe Biden's personal economist who is on TV all the time. and

    2) That lady who is the chair of Obama's economic team. I'd like to slap that shit eating grin off her face every time I see her spew forth her bullshit nonsense.

    They have no business advising the leaders of our country on the economy.
  4. one thing i will say is that economist have opinions on what should be done with the economic tools that already exists for example interest rates should be set at a certain percent or inflation should be kept to a minimum etc.

    surely a real economist would be inventing new mechanisms like the interest rate.