Which ECN broker?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by mcgene4xpro, Dec 6, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I am looking to test my model of semi-HFT system on Demo. The system requires:
    1- Sending/modifying/deleting about 1000 orders/hour.
    2-Submit orders between bid/ask prices.
    3-Allow hedging if needed.
    4-1:200 to 1:500 leverage.

    Which ECN broker demo server could handle this?

    And once i need to play small and real for testing forward, which broker will fit?

    For real forward testing, i need a broker can start very small deposit and trade size also.

  2. People will laugh at your request for leverage that high. While I've personally had access to 200:1 in the past, very few firms like to go above 50:1. I can't see you getting what you want.

    Whatever this idea of yours is, it appears completely impractical to test it in any of the commercially available demos. An execution-based scalping edge requires accurate order queue simulation (among other things...) which, quite frankly, isn't available.
  3. Dukascopy can give me up to 1:100. and i am considering them for both demo and forward but i am wondering if any has more suggestions. I see you have an experience with highly scalping system, so i would like to hear from you.

    I will wait till i test my system and show you the results then we will see if it is impractical or not.. I need an evidence to give a realistic judge.

    Thanks anyways