Which E-mini prop firms are the good ones?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by ruslanD, Jun 12, 2003.

  1. ruslanD


    I just wanted to get everyone's opinion here on which firm they think is pretty decent out of many prob firms in New York City??? Anyone have any insight to this? I want to join a prop firm to trade the e-mini's and i wanted to get feedback on which one are the good ones.

    I am interested to know thier margin rates, fees, payout, and minimum capital deposit required.
  2. sammybea


    Prop firms don't make enough commisions on eminis, so you really won't find any firms. There is too much risk for them to take you on.
  3. The only prop firms that I know of or hear about for futures are ones that take a cut of profits not commissions. Margin is so high there is no need for the extra buying power in most cases.
  4. CME clearing house is the prop firm ... and their doing quite well thank you.
  5. alright, guys, come one, i hear you, but i am not getting anything this guy asked for. I know of a firm that lets u trade eminis with them and they do not take a portion of your profit. They give you a slightly higher commission. That firm is Echo Trade. Now, name some others.
  6. Prop firms in futures work differently. The search term to use on the CME website and here is a 106 or 106J organization.

    In futures prop shops, you trade other peoples money 100%. Capital contributions from the trader is not permitted. You get to trade largers sizes and pay commissions, similar to that of a member trader (much lower commissions). But also they take a big cut of the profits.

    Also you have to have a verified track record with most of these places.