which DOM -- Ninjatrader?

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  1. Hello. I've been looking very closely at NinjaTrader and have been using the free version for a few weeks. Extremely impressed with the software, the customer service and the user forum.

    The one uncertainty I have is what about their DOM. I understand they have both the static and dynamic DOM, but if you want to use the static DOM you have to pay fees to another company, so that wouldn't be an option. I understand that the static DOM is more useful for very fast markets.

    Right now I'm just trading stocks and I've used the Ninja DOM simulators, and the dynamic DOM seems fine for this application. But if and when I move on to other instruments (futures), I don't know if the dynamic DOM will be the best tool.

    The other DOM I was looking at is Bracketrader, which is cheap and seems fine.

    As I've never traded live with a DOM before and don't have a good feel for all of the vendors out there, I would appreciate any thoughts or recommendations.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Trading Technologies collects the "royalty" It's .10/trade so 1000 trades for $100 if you want to think of it that way.

    Worth it for static dome? Depends on: you, market you're trading, time frame, methodology.

    If you're trading Emini family on short time frame I would (and do) use it. For something like Bonds or Forex or ? probably not.

    Much depends on your style as well. If you have a pretty much set system, buy here, stop there, trail stop by this much Ninja can take care of that without needing a static dom. But if you're making manual changes of stops, targets, etc etc on the fly, especially in Emini family static dom is big help in not clicking on a wrong price.

    You should be able to see this yourself in sim mode. When the markets run watch the dom, (if you think you can click on price when its flying by if that is your style) then you dont need static.

    And though Im someone who always advocates keeping eye on costs .10 for peace of mind and less aggravation seems worth it to me in Eminis at least.
  3. Thanks for the response AOK. Yeah I'll probably just get Ninja, it seems to be really really good. Have you been using it for a long time?
  4. I currently use IB but I really prefer the DOM with Tradestation.

    with IB i use quotetrader DOM which is free so for the price its good. it takes little getting used to and I have found that I have to 'freeze' it to get correct price placements when its a fast market which may not work for what you want to do.

    There is another DOM that I have tried and it seems pretty good but for someone like me that jumps around to one stock to the next its cumbersome. its called zeroline trader and i think its about $10 per month.

    Best of trading to you

  5. I tried Ninja DOM but after a few days I was back to TT MD Trader. I'm addicted to the way TT DOM works -- plain and simple! ;)
  6. Try zeroline trader as well if you like ninja.
  7. Thanks for the comments, I'm checkout out zeroline and will probably do at least the 30 day trial. Thanks again,

  8. RedDuke


    TT is great. The only thing that I d not like in MD that you need an extra plugin (OCO) to have automatic stops and take profits

    And when Trade Out button is hit to close current postion, unless the contract is not selected in OCO, it places opposite limits orders, not a biggie but a bit annoying.
  9. cwb1014


    Does anyone here have enough experience with ButtonTrader to know how it compares to the other DOMs mentioned here?

    Also, am I correct that MD trader can only be used for trading futures?

    Thanks in advance for your help here.
  10. Did you open a ticket with TT for this issue -- or does TT CSC consider this a 'feature'?
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