Which do people value more?

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  1. Payout Option 1:
    $50,000 / yr. No benefits

    Payout Option 2:
    45,000 / yr & 4,000 worth of benefits

  2. Neither.
  3. clacy


    I'd probably take the $50k and buy myself a high deductable health insurance plan. You can do that fairly inexpensively if you're healthy and young (non-smoker).

    If you have dependants, that changes things.
  4. For that money you are better off working for the city with a good retirement plan.
  5. You can get a city or county job in chicago where you sit on your butt and make at least 90k.
  6. In some US cities 50k is a great paying job based on the cost of living.

    The one of most value is 50k without the bonus and extra benefits. Guaranteed money is always better than "maybe" money.
  7. Take "Option 2"

    Reserve the gambling for the high probability trades.
  8. No tax on the benes?
  9. You really have to decide if the benefits are worth $4,000.
  10. Any pre-existing conditions?
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