Which distance learning can I get a certificate/degree/diploma in finance field ?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by hyipgod, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. hyipgod


    Which distance learning can I get a certificate/degree/diploma in finance field ?
    Cheap fee or cost of free are priority
  2. lrm


    Wow, well that's pretty broad. Did you google this question?

    What discpline of finance? For example, Stevens Institute of Technology as a quantitative finance/financial engineering degree available via distance learning.
  3. hyipgod


    Thanks but those you recommended are expensive, what I need is maybe just a certificate for a short course and cheap fee ( free is better :D )
  4. Just get your CTA--its taken seriously, super cheap and easy.

    series 3 and NFA membership and voila you a CTA
  5. hyipgod


    Could you clarify more , is it a teacher certificate ? Please mention the url, thank you
  6. Since you don't seem to actually plan on learning anything, why don't you by a degree? Or go to a printer and have them make a high quality fake diploma and credentials. DO a Google search, I have to believe there are plenty of fake Universities you can by a degree from. Then again also be prepared for your employer or whoever you need this for to do a background check and fire your stupid ass. Background checks are a lot easier now, and picking off phony educational credits is one of the easy ones.
  7. Here's a better question, are any of those online degree programs credible? I'm not interested but somebody has to be buying into these programs as their online ads are all over the place.

    Your better off just going to a college/university and earning it. I'm a little surprised that insurance companies send discount offers on being a member of that Golden Key honor society yet having been out of school for a few years.
  8. rohitd


    I suggest you should also take coaching classes for passing entrance exam. I am from Delhi and i know few good coaching Institutes in Delhi. Last year my sister's daughter passed the interference test of CAT. She has done her post graduation from UK.