Which Democrat Will Win Iowa's Caucus?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by TriPack, Jan 16, 2004.

  1. Who will come out on top in Iowa?
  2. You guys who are picking Dean think the current polling trend in Iowa is bogus?
  3. Gephardt. It is his home base.
  4. Wow, I was the only person who thought Kerry might win Iowa. Looks like I and one other who voted for Edwards were the only ones who were paying attention to the voter trends. Maybe some of the conventional wisdom isn't so wise after all?
  5. Maverick74


    I honestly thought Gephardt would do better in Iowa. He will drop out of the race tomorrow for sure. Here is what will happen because of that. Gephardt and Dean got all of the union votes. When Gephardt drops out those union votes will go to Dean. Expect Dean to win New Hampshire and I am not counting Dean out. In fact I still think Dean will get the nomination. However it's going to be close. I think a lot of fair weather fans are going to shift over to Kerry and he has a fighting chance for sure. I think the Bush people are going to be very nervous now. Kerry will give Bush a very close contest.

    Remember the Bush people are desperately hoping for Dean to win so expect a lot of support for Dean by the Bush people. They do not want Kerry to win!

    Where the f*ck was Clark in all of this. How does you f*cking lose to Dennis Kucinich. That is a huge blow to Clark. I know Clark didn't campaign out there but for god's sake that is embarrassing!
  6. Maverick74


    Gephardt just dropped out of the race.
  7. Clark losing to Kucinich, hell, even HarryTrader could beat Kucinich. I see that Sharpton got 0% of the vote (rounded) so Harrytrader tied the fat man with a conk.

    Edwards ran 2nd.

    A Kerry-Edwards ticket - or an Edwards-Kerry ticket - would be very interesting. Rove would have a hard time mpeaching/character assassinating these guys.

    And Edwards could sway some of the Southies and some of the Florida white middle and working class that had voted for Bush.

  8. Pabst


    I couldn't agree more. Kerry/Edwards could very well be the ticket and it would be a good one. I disagree with Mav in so far as I happen to think Dean's done. The Union vote is too fractured to help any single candidate. Besides, Dean is too liberal for many members of labor. Demo's have figured out he can't beat Bush and afterall that's the point of the whole thing.
  9. I am also interested in how the party starts to work to secure the minority vote. I think the plan is to send Clinton/Gore/Jesse to handle the task. But I can tell you that the support will not be what the past has evidenced.

    I am taking the pulse of many of my associates nationally and a swell is happening, and it ain't what you'd think. :)