WHICH-Day Trading Stocks or Futures?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Spectra, Oct 30, 2007.

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  1. PureTick.com and UndergroundTrader.com have teamed up for the upcoming Las Vegas Traders Expo NOVEMBER 16th.

    Cant decide weather you want to make your living scalping stocks or futures? This is the class for you. Alex L Wasilewski will be discussing the dynamics of his filter/trigger futures trading system. For those traders who may wish to day trade without needing a huge account. Futures have decent tax and other advantages over trading stocks. See http://www.puretick.com/faq.html for more futures advantages!

    Then author and master trader Jea Yu will outline the whole methodology full circle in a single seminar session. Attendees will receive a copy of the presentation and a free two-week trial to Undergroundtrader.com and PureTick.com. The lessons learned from this intensive seminar can be put to use the very next trading day. This seminar will appeal to new and advanced traders alike. If you’ve been searching for a methodology that will see immediate results, then this is the seminar you won’t want to miss.

    There WILL be a live internet connection there for those of you who would like to see Jea and Alex actually place trades in real time. Seating is limited. Please see the following link to register:


    (refreshments included)
  2. Bankster


    Will the majority of the presentation be about trading futures or stocks?
  3. Yes I certainly hope so. :) The wording with the traders expo people was just completed before Jay and Alex arranged this.


  4. stealth traitor?

    Another moron we have to deal with.

    In America we spell it trader.

    A traitor is someone who sells out his/her country.

    Yep, when I was a teenager I sold Cutco steak knives door to door. I guess you never had a teenage low level job. I still respect blue collar workers, guys who drive trucks, do construction, work in steel mills, and loading docks. I respect men and women in the armed services. What nasty stuff do you have to say for these people? I never begged mommy and daddy for money.

    Sound familiar? Begging?

    I will be in Las Vegas, in public. You are personally welcome to ask me in person, face to face anything about anything you want. And there will be a couple of "lower level" people I know there. As a matter of fact, Mike will be there. He just finished with the US Navy SEALS. Right now the only job he has, until something better comes along, is telemarketing.

    I think you should personally tell him what a scum he is. He is a very open minded person. I think you should insult him, his country and his current choice of providing some income for his family. I think your mind will get opened after that encounter.

    And don't worry. You will not get into trouble. You will not face the prospect of Chris Hansen showing up and spoiling the fun, like for so many who hide behind the internet.

    Think about it this way stealing traitor, what in life have you ever contributed to society, trading, or your own family?

    I checked your threads. Zero. Nada. Nothing to help a single person improve their trading.

    But please. Dont disappear like all the others who wimped out. I need punks like you to make stupid comments. This way readers look at you inane comments, read my excellent responses (those of a superior intellect), and say "OK, I have heard the moronic steal traitor, now let me check out Puretick and see for myself who is better."

    I wind up with 5 new customers.

    You wind up with egg on your face.

    Isn't life great?


    Alex L. Wasilewski
    Co-Founder & Head Trader
    Trades That Work
    1-877-GOLONG1 (1-877-465-6641)
  5. gnome


    Is that a "male enhancement" preparation?
  6. Yes, these morons who can't spell, what a joke, huh?
    Too bad we can't call that a keypunch error :)

    By the way, I notice you weren't able to respond to my question. In it, I asked you about the stops you are using in your system, and specifically to provide your win/loss ratio and the average win size for a statistically significant sample of trades so that we could see if the risk/reward ratio defined by a 15 point ES stop would work. I pointed out that since you are selling the system, it would be impossible that you didn't have hundreds if not thousands of trades in the can for this system. It was a pretty simple request.

    If you just missed the post, no problem. Could you post the win/loss ratio and the size of the average winner now, so that we can figure out whether they system you are teaching could ever work in real life?

    Thanks a lot and stay on top of these morons who can't spell!

    : )
  7. As long as the trades get executed profitably I dont mind if we spell a million dollars milillon.

  8. Hey, thanks for the response. But could you post up those numbers we were asking about?

    btw... I was pointing out that you were mocking that guy for a spelling error, but you misspelled 'whether'. That was a bit funny, wasn't it?

    : )

    Thanks, I await your prompt response with the relevant data

  9. Hey Spectra, i cant help but think this reply was, perhaps, a little over the top , in some regards.

    I'm a bit of a cook, i like steak knife offers and such, but are you suggesting, a navy seal is endorsing, or promoting your products, for no other reason, than its the best gig they can get?
    I mean , everyone knows rambo, couldn't get a job at a gas station, so the movie goes.
    But what would john rambo think, about your futures/stocks scalping sales methods?
    Im just asking a question, its a very long patriotic bow your drawing there, and this ridiculous analogy is no worse than you just put forward.

    "Which is best to scalp, stock or futures" is just as absurd a question, given your target audience.

    Just to be entirely clear, i liked many of your comments on certain products, i just think you took the bait of a disciplined troll here, and i would love to hear from this ex-seal, BTW.

    Best opportunity, they ever saw? Of course it is, thats why its the market.
  10. Hey Spectra

    I notice you've been around, posting in other threads, but you haven't been able to give us the data which we would need to determine if the system you're selling would actually work in real life. Those 14 point stops you advocate are problematic unless the win/loss ratio and size of average winner/average loser are optimal.

    Hope you can provide the necessary data soon. Of course, since you're selling the system, you must have a decent amount of historical data to show that it is profitable... or else why would you be selling it, right?

    Thanks, Nik
    #10     Nov 13, 2007
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