Which day is best day for rollover?

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  1. I have never rolled over a futures contract. I would like to consult the experienced traders here who have done it before. Which is the best day to do roll-over?

    I came across this article. It says the rollover day is 8 days before expiration. Is this correct? Can I do rollover 1 day before expiration if I want to stretch it? What are the risks if I want to do rollover 1 or 2 days before expiration?

    Must rollover be done only on the rollover day which is 8 days before expiration?



    The important part to remember for all of you e-mini traders out there is that the rollover day itself occurs 8 days before expiration on the second Thursday of each contract month.
  2. The "front month" changes on roll over day, and volume becomes higher than the expiring month's contract.

    Unless you have some specific reason to delay, it's best to roll over soon.... within a couple of days while the volume is still sufficiently high. There is generally no advantage to waiting.
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    Rollover day is when we switch from trading the contract that will expire this quarter to the contract that will expire the following quarter,Thank You.
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    I generally switch on the Friday following the Thursday roll on the NQ and ES as that is when volume of the front month surpasses the expiring contract.