which datafeed with IB as broker?

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  1. just a poll.. wondering what datafeed people are using with interactivebrokers.com for executions.
  2. there are so many responses for 'other' that now i am wondering which datafeed i forgot to put in the list. i thought i had all the major ones! oh maybe i forgot to put 'tapped a line off neighbors cable box' :)
  3. Is IB accurate if only trading the E-mini futures? (ES and NQ)

    I'm really only looking at the last trade, don't care too much about the bid/offer.

  4. I believe so.
  5. ifriend


    Real Tick is real real nice, It is overkill for my style of making daytrading choices. The others in the survey choices such as
    Esignal,Qcharts,I,m sure are great,but I tried to call both before I settled on RT Trader Pro from www.naq.com . And the reason that I settled on RT Trader is that tech support is very easy to contact,the charting time frames include tick,constant tick,minute
    and has adequate bells to make trading decisions. With Esignal
    and Qcharts,It was extremly timely and frustrating to call tech support to learn if their software provided what I was looking for. Of course the difficulty in trying to learn about esignal and Q
    charts was over a year ago and their tech support access may be more efficient now.
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    At the time I'm posting this message an amazing 40% of people who responded to the poll selected "Other". Would be real interested in hearing what a number of them are using. I assume NexTrend is one, although no one's mentioned it yet. Those selecting "Other" please talk about your datafeed and why you use it. Thanks.
  7. Quote.com Livecharts? Isn't that the $9.95 special? Does anyone
    really use that for trading? I wouldn't use that for daytrading.
    It blows up 20x a day from what I remember...
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    The second beta for eSignal 7.1 with the integrated trading, back testing, and advanced tick charts has been posted here:


    Also, there will be calls from the EFS (eSignal Formula Script) to place trades added shortly. Here is a note from Matt on egroups about that:


    Here is the text:


    From: Matt Gundersen <mattgundersen@y...>
    Date: Sun Sep 1, 2002 1:03 pm
    Subject: EFS and the Broker

    Hi All,

    In the next week or so, we'll have some more additions to the Broker plugins. More refinements to the IB plugin, a PaperTrading plugin, and the CyberX (cybercorp) plugin.

    These will all have floating order tickets and the ability to see open orders, executions, and portfolio information (to the extent the brokers provides via their API) inside esignal.

    In addition, the PaperTrade plugin (currently in testing) has an EFS interface that looks something like this:

    var trade = new PaperTradeTradeLink();

    function main() {

    if(some condition) then {
    trade.Buy(getSymbol(), 100, PaperTradeTradeLink.LIMIT, close());

    The syntax of this is trade.Buy(symbol, lotsize, ordertype, stoporlimit); the stoporlimit is only required if the ordertype is LIMIT, STOP, or SAR (stop and reverse). The other order type is MARKET. Additionally, you can do a Trade.Sell

    The EFS interfaces for Cyber and IB will be similar. I'll also be creating some demonstration EFS scripts that will show how you might put a graphic on a chart (shape, text, or image). Then click on that graphic to invoke the trade.

    The trading plugins will be configurable so you can confirm the order before it is sent.

    If you are are Cybercorp user, please email us at beta@esignal.com so we can put you on the email list when the Cyber plugin is available.


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