which data source should I select

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  1. my requirements is reliable and fast \real tick by tick data

    I will appreciate your recommendation

    thank you
  2. joesan


    try esignal
  3. Consider OpenTick which is new and exciting. Stability is being proved, more so every day.
  4. DTN/IQFeed is a great product with excellent customer service. IMO, it's faster and more reliable than esignal.
  5. can I subscribe only one market data?
  6. With opentick, regarding realtime data, you only need to pay the exchange fees for the exchange you desire. Otherwise it's free, including all data in their historical repository.
  7. joesan


    check esignal site, probably you can choose/pay market by market
  8. Catoosa


    I vote with "ktmexc20" for OpenTick for free plus the exchange fee for what ever you want real time data. Anyone know if Quotetracker can use data from OpenTick?

  9. joesan


    Hi, does Opentick offer exotic symbols like SGXNK, Kospi 200 and HSI ?

  10. Here's the Exchanges Link.
    Here's the products currently offered for the exchanges.
    Here's the symbol search page

    Here's the current list of API's and applications supported by OpenTick.

    There's also a Python API available from a community member on the forums.

    For the post above asking about QuoteTracker... Opentick is OpenSource but I don't know if QuoteTracker is or not. QuoteTracker would probably have to provide the API, so contact them and tell them to support OpenTick.
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