Which currency will hit parity with the US$ next

Discussion in 'Forex' started by The Kin2, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. USD/CHF 1.0976


    AUD/USD .9024

    They're both 976 pips away from parity but will probably get there early next year.
  2. clacy


  3. Short the euro all the way down baby.
  4. da-net


    Nothern or Charmin :D :D
  5. aud
  6. USD/CHF 1.0630 630 pips


    AUD/USD 0.9391 609 pips

    What a race@!
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  8. CHF comes out of nowhere and takes the lead

    USD/CHF 1.0488 - 488 pips to parity

    AUD/USD .9491 - 509 pips to parity

    Anyone else at least suprised by the rate at which the dollar is falling?
  9. i am. been wondering at what dollar value we officially lose control of inflation. when is it hyperinflationary
  10. I think the Franc will take it.
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