Which Country Punishes Productive People the Most?

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    The USA with its worldwide taxation. :cool:
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  3. Australia - measured by income tax.

    Individuals do not pay the payroll tax.
    Individuals can choose to consume less and pay less consumption tax.
    There is a compulsory approx 10% retirement contribution.

    Productive people take home less that 50% of what they earn.

    Australia - where being mediocre is king.
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    First you should make the following calculations:

    1. If I make 1 million, how much is left after taxes and social security?
    2. What does the government give me back?
    3. How much costs live in both countries?

    1. I live know offically in Bulgaria and cutted all my ties with Belgium. I pay just above 10% all included. When I see the chart, I see that in Belgium total cash out is around 74%. So Bulgaria is costing me 100,000. Belgium is costing me 740,000. I save 640,000 on that. I knew that already. No surprise.
    2. What do I get back for that difference as social security in both countries is completelly different too:
    • medical care
    • pension. Less than 1,350 a month and again TAXABLE. Pensions in Netherlands are far better then in Belgium.
    • infrastructure. Roads in Netherlands are far better then in Belgium.
    • continuous chasing from the ministry of finance, whith by definition, additional taxations. I know people who went to work after university at the Ministry Of Finance. From start they told him: There should ALWAYS be an addtional taxation. People always cheat by defintion.
    Live in Bulgaria is much cheaper saving you thens of thousands each year. Go to live in the touristic areas as it is almost like living in West of Europe.

    My personal experience is that you can save huge amount of money, even if you have to take a private healthinsurance. And have to take care of your social healhtcare on you own. With 640,000 extrea income a year and cheaper lyfestyle that's a piece of cake.

    Belgium is also the only country in the World where you can receive money from the government and never have to work your entirely life. I personally know a man who gave a party when he went on pension. He was proud that he never worked in his entirely. The 30% lowest comes in Belgium don't pay but receive netto, money made by heavy taxed couples with children, in a normal paid job.

    FREE MONEY, FREE HOUSING, FREE HEALHTCARE, FREE… Only condition is that you should never try to find a job. But for those people that’s not so difficult.The monthly FREE pay check is a good motivation.

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    You don't seem to know if you're in Bulgaria or the Netherlands! Or did you mean to list benefits of the Netherlands as your reason for living in Bulgaria?
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    I just took Netherlands as it is similar to Belgium. But the Netherlands only have 59% of taxaction and much better social security. A significant difference with Belgium.

    But I clearly told 640,000 difference on each million earned, and that was clearly Bulgaria. But you apparently did not "understand" that.
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    This tax debate has been going on long enough. Apparently there is no good tax and no good way to tax people. Even communists are starting to understand that the key to any tax system is a strong underlying economy.
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    No, your post was so incoherent and poorly written it was difficult for anyone to understand.
  9. Income tax was designed in the 19th century by the entrenched elite in Europe to prevent wealth accumulation by the middle class. It was only adopted in the US fairly late. The elite themselves don't even get their money from "income", they get it from pre-existing wealth whether capital gains or rent.

    Taxes from mediaeval times were largely taxes on existing wealth raised for wars. There were also tariffs of course but no income tax.

    Interestingly, Donald Trump has also proposed a wealth tax in the past: https://taxfoundation.org/time-donald-trump-proposed-57-trillion-wealth-tax/
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    Which Country Punishes Productive People the Most?

    India has ranked the worst country to do business.
    Stifling red tape and bureaucracy.
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