Which countries must we be prepared to nuke?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by candletrader, Nov 1, 2003.

  1. Please vote...
  2. Pabst


    Kill 'em all and let God sort them out.
  3. Candletrader, don't you have anything more meaningful
    and fun to post here, beside these repeated sickening

    Are u suffering from some kind of sadism?
  4. I gotta agree that this suggestion is cool... we should leave it in God's hands regarding who gets their 72 virgins and who gets 72 camels... I say nuke em all...
  5. How about nuking your Asshole
  6. What a loser :cool:

    P.S. nuking em all is so far in the lead...
  7. To candletrader

    I had so much respect for you as an active member.
    But today i see you as a heartless person, who do
    not care about civilians, just like those republicans.

    When you invade a country, soldiers should expect
    about worse expection for being rude breaking into
    someones home.

    Imagine that you were an Iraqi citizen, would you
    be intersted to have nuclear on your sclape.
    Just put yourself in their situation for a moment.

    You had never been to war, so you have no clue
    what is a war feels like, aside from what you have
    seen in hollywood movies. I had been before... i know it.

    With regards to your above message, please understand that I am anti-war... the vast majority of my recent comments and threads have been sarcastic, in order to clearly display how bad this insane war policy is... I had a very long yahoo messenger chat with another anti-war guy on ET yesterday, explaining this...he thought I had suddenly become a war monger, but after the discussion, he realised what I was attempting to do on ET...

    I have been on several anti-war marches so far, for your information...

    A skillfull trader is like the Shuai-Jan, a snake found in the mountains. Strike at its head and you will be attacked by its tail. Strike at its tail and you will be attacked by its head. Strike at the middle and you will be attacked by both...

    Like the Shuai-Jan, a skillfull trader is prepared for all eventualities...
  8. Your last PM to me explaining that you are anti-war,
    Now can you explain me, why again you are posting
    this kind of thread which humilation and Disrespect
    to many ET members (at leat 500 members) whome
    comes from these regions, But are trying to hide
    their identity.

    People are human after all, and not animals, even
    no one will nuke animals.

    In reponse to those behind 11/9, they realy
    paid many times more for what they did, and
    deep inside those terorist know that it were
    not a right strategy targeting american civilian
    and awere of their mistake.

    Am i clear?
  9. Candle has been exposed as being an instigating, deceitful, sarcastic prick who gets his kicks pretending to be something he's not! His groveling private messages have exposed his true character! I say ban his stupid posts from ET!


  10. Hehe, nice to meet a kindred spirit!

    Nuking the Evil Dewers is still in da lead!!
    #10     Nov 1, 2003