Which company let me trade hang seng, kospi Future on Ninja Trader?

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  1. Which company let me trade hang seng, kospi Future on Ninja Trader?

    So data and trading using ninja trader.
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    This question is probably more suited for NinjaTrader forums... but IB should be an easy answer.

    You can narrow down the list of brokers significantly if you check which of the brokers Ninja supports allow trading Hang Seng and Kospi futures at all. (Hint: not many.)
  3. yea, not many on NT platform.

    im looking for one other than IB.
  4. RedDuke


    IB is the only one that offers KOSPI in US that I know off. Trade it through them and have no complaints. My only issue is that the margin for this contract is a bit high, it is around 14K per contract.

    As far as HSI, there are more options. Advantage Futures offer this contract. Probably others too.

    If you find another broker for KOSPI, please post back here.
  5. It's IB and/or MAN - if the product is available in the US.
  6. Who is "MAN"?
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    They are based in Singapore and not registered with NFA and CFTC. Not that registration is bullet proof, but it least it is something.
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    Thanks for mentioning MF. I spoke with them this morning and here is what I have so far:

    They offer 50% of KRX min margin requirement for intraday.
    The round trip with all fees is $6 (add $1 if custom front end like Ninja is used or pay $750 per month)
    The data is send every 100ms.

    This is actually very exiting. I am waiting for some additional info. Once I open an account with them and start trading will report further.

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    I just checked IB margin for KOPSI on their site, and intra day margin is now 1/2 of overnight. It currently stands at around $7K.

    I find this exiting, since it now frees up 1/2 of my capital.
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