Which chart service is best for web blogging

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Jeremy001, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. Can anybody share with me which chart service is best (or good) for blogging? I use TC2007 EOD chart, but it appears that they do not have an easy way to let you export the chart and save as a figure. So I am looking for an online free charting service which hopefully can export the chart easily.

    Basically, these are a few requirements:

    1) The chart should look clean, with most necessay technical indicators;

    2) It should allow me to get the price pattern of the past (for example years ago). That is to say, it allows you to select any time frame you want.

    3) Free and without complicated copyright issues.


  2. stockchartsdotcom

    These ought to help

  3. Thanks! Jeremy
  4. Prophet only looks good from a distance. They have always had on and off data glitches, but since TOS took them over, they are having major data problems.

    According to Prophet Java, the QQQQ gap of Feb 4/5 is closed. It ain't. According to them, Qs closed at 43.87 today. Nasdaq/Yahoo/StockCharts and BigCharts all beg to differ.

    Wrong lows, highs, and especially closing prices (off by a few cents to .30 or more) are an ongoing problem for quite a while now, and they're not addressing it. As well, problems with adjusting charts for dividends. Previous daily high/low values get re-written, gaps aren't where they used to be anymore, and the entire chart shifts for those stocks. Stockcharts is having a similar problem right now. (Prophet used to fix this when it occurred, but apparently can't be bothered anymore.)

    BigCharts seems to be ok.
  5. quotetracker

    both allow "snapshots"