Which Central Banks are PRIVATE ???

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    I recently watched this movie:
    http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-515319560256183936 (''How international bankers gained control of America'')
    a lenghty one (you can watch first 15 minutes and you will know the essence of the movie) and the author claims the Federal Reserve is in fact a private bank, which shocked me.

    Now guys, I am interested to know which other ''national'' central banks are private. Do you know of any?

  2. Euler


    None, it turns out. Nor is the Federal Reserve. Maybe it's wise not to believe everything you see on the Internet...

  3. LOL.

    Its a tough reality check.
  4. Tresor


    In this interview Greenspan admits that the Federal Reserve is not state-owned...

  5. Grab you phone book. Look in the white pages for FedEx, now under that you will see Federal Reserve.

    Federal Reserve is not listed with the other government agencies
  6. Tresor


    Thanks Aaron,

    So it is agreed that FED is private. Now I want to know which other cenral banks in the world (the Australian central bank has a word ''reserve'' in it) are private.

    And then conduct a little study to find out if private banks are better for a country's economy than state-owned.

    BTW, does FED pay corporate taxes on achieved profits?


  7. lol

    Your fed has the power to PRINT dollars.

    Your government BORROWS (with interest) from the fed also.

    Taxes? Profits?

    where in the hell do you people grow up? I'm not even american or live in the US..
  8. Tresor


    It is not my FED. I am not American either. I live in Europe. I don't care who owns FED. I just want to find out if there are more privately-owned central banks in the world.

    Will appreciate any messages that will help me in finding such central banks.

    Thank you.
  9. Euler


    Regardless of any technicalities you may put forward, the Fed and the IRS are both US Government institutions.

    But that's not really what you want to hear, is it? So I'll try to keep you happy with this:

    The ECB is in fact privately owned by the Easter Bunny. The Easter Bunny's middle name is Charles, making his full initials ECB. He named it after himself! That is PROOF! QED.
  10. Euler, don't be a shithead.

    You can READ THE LIST of Federal Reserve SHAREHOLDERS to see who owns it...

    It's private individuals and companies, including goldman sachs & the now defunct lehman brothers.

    I'm not sure what your motivation is for misleading the gentleman who asked the question.

    Of course it's privately owned & "pseudo-governmental."

    The fed is a leech on a great country.

    BoE is privately owned as well. I hope this helps.
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