Which cell phone service have you found to have the WORST service?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mytwocents, May 3, 2004.

  1. Before I switch providers, I'm just wondering if its just me and perhaps my service area or if it sucks everywhere...
  2. Cell phone??



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  3. Maybe the right question should be...

    "Who is the BEST cellular service provider in your opinion?"

    I would say Sprint.

    Hope that helps.


  4. Well considering the kind of polls that get posted around here (i.e. is Mav a dildo?...) I suppose I should have taken into consideration the fact that a poll that might actually be helpful to someone....most notably me....isn't the kind of poll that would actually get votes...but before I get arrested for throwing my cell phone out the window and injuring someone, I thought I'd use ET members (which make a good sampling seeing as how they are all over the country) and see if perhaps it WAS just ME and therefore I'm SOL, OR it actually does suck and then I can call who I'm with now, abuse the customer service rep for a few minutes, feel a little better, and then switch providers.....

    But, I suppose to make up for this, the 'worst thread ever', I'll post another one....perhaps "Should mytwocents host a 'who's the best trader on ET contest' with the winner getting me as a sex slave for a year."

    I assume that would be along the lines of an acceptable and worthwhile poll to you?

  5. I thought about doing it that way, but I've found that people are more likely to express there unhappiness and disappointment with their service because it seems that if you've had a provider that you didn't like....you REALLY didn't like them, as opposed to being some what content with your service but not exactly wanting to give em free advertising.....
  6. I think it depends on what kind of phone you have and what technology it's using.

    I've had AT & T for about two years now. Until recently I had no problems. BUT, about two months ago I bought a newer flip-type phone that uses the GSM technology. The phone is undoubtedly cooler than my clunkier old one, but the reception is definitely not as good as the old digital technology phone I had been using.
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  8. sprint has worst phone quality

    verizon has worst costumer service

    cingular is a good balance
  9. Sprint DOES have the worst customer service. Used to be good until they absorbed reps from MCI who was holding the title before they were found out to be crooks.

    mytwopennies, dahhhlinnng, why don't you just come over and whisper into my ear then forget about all that silly cell phone non-sense.