Which Caribbean Island to move to

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  1. I'm thinking of moving the the Caribbean.
    Which island would you recommend?

    I am concerned about the following things:

    1)Safety, low crime
    2)Things to do, restaurant, bars, clubs, beaches
    3)Number of educated, successful people
    4)Good looking women


    I'd recommend St. John. 2/3 of the island is protected as a US State Park so there's no problem with excess people. I've traded down there while on vacation in the past. You have to fly into St. Thomas and take a ferry to St. John.
  3. st. barts
  4. clacy


  5. St. Johns
    Less touristy than St. Thomas
    And has not suffered the hurricane hits St. Thomas has in the past 15 years
  6. Are you still under US Tax law in the Virgin Islands?

  7. Yes - they are classified as a protectorate I believe
  8. Mvic


    1-3 Caymans hands down.
  9. marketfly


    St. Barts
  10. Surdo


    La Republica Dominicana
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