Which Candidate is more Fiscally conservative than Ron Paul?

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  1. Saw it on Reddit:


    And according to comments it appears the graphic was wrong and should have read 21% for Paul. Still, you would think an organization like Fox News would be a bit more...efficient.
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  2. Max E.

    Max E.

    They had a gaphic exactly like that the other day, and it had mitt romney in second but instead of mitts head shot, they had a picture of Obama, Jon Stewart was mocking it pretty hard, the obvious joke was that Mitt is a liberal and you cant tell the difference.

    Here it is......

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  3. Ditto!
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  4. How anyone takes this infotainment channel seriously is beyond me.
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  5. And just which news organization SHOULD be taken seriously?
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  6. Max E.

    Max E.

    MSNBC is my favourite unbiased news source..... Al Sharpton definitely has his finger on the pulse.

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  7. Same here. Hannity's relentless cheerleading for Gingrich is getting tiresome. As are his smug comments about Paul's foreign policy being "unacceptable." WTF does that mean, anyway? Would he vote for Obama over Paul? I wish someone would ask him.

    The irony is that Iran is clearly a bigger potential threat than Iraq or Afghanistan ever were. But we shot our bolt in places where we had no business going, and now, even if it would make sense to go after Iran, I don't see how we can afford it, either in terms of money or troops.

    I can't have any confidence in people like Hannity or his neo-con choir of guests when they insist on pretending that Iraq and Afghanistan were big successes.
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  8. I didn't know you could take your pulse up your butt!
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  9. Max E.

    Max E.

    Watch this video starting at 9:30 Brett Baier who is normally a pretty middle of the road guy repeatedly tries to make Ron Paul look bad and even makes the comment over and over that Ron Paul is supposedly running to the "left" of Obama.

    WTF does that even mean, its not like Obama was some peace loving beatnik It has never been so clear to me that fox news was trying to pick the candidate as last night. They even manged to make Baier, who is normally a fair newsman tow the line. Watch this starting at 9:30

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    Then in the post debate interviews, Hannity basically gives Romney a blowjob, right before he starts an interview that is an all out attack on Ron Paul, and Hannity starts the interview by trying to make Ron Paul promise he wont run third party, when he is the front runner now in Iowa. Even in the debate Meghyn Kelley kept drilling Ron Paul trying to make him promise he wouldnt run third party, right at the very start.

    That debate was even more embarassing then the debate on MSNBC, atleast you would expect MSNBC to be hopelessly partisan, you wouldnt expect Fox news to completely railroad Ron Paul when he is the most conservative candidate.

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  10. pspr


    First you guys complain that Ron Paul doesn't get any questions then when he does you cry that the questions are too tough. Boo hoo hoo. Crybabies! :D

    Maybe if Ron Paul would answer the question he is asked it wouldn't get asked of him time and again.

    I really thought his exchange with Bachman was telling of the problem with Paul. He's wearing blinders.
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