Which Brokers use NINJA ZEN-FIRE?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Lorenzo, May 21, 2006.

  1. Lorenzo


    Just tried a demo and I am very impressed

    I am wondering if this particular " high speed" connection was extended thru a large retail firms

    for now it seems only a "property" of Dorman (Mirus & Proactive IB)

    Could anyone give me other information?


  2. Lorenzo



    "With the help of a premier Network and IT Management firm, an industry leading trading platform developer and select Brokerage Firm's, this same solution is now available to all traders in the form of Zen-Fire."

    Which are those Brokerage firms???

    Can I assume that zen-fire is NINJA TRADER with another dress?

    All links under the column SOLUTION FOR, GET CONNECTED, CONTACT US are blanks

    How about this mystery?
  3. NT is the front end and ZF is the connection
  4. Lorenzo


    ...very poor information in the zen-fire web site

    and their goal is? ...Finding brokers I suppose

    any relationship with T4 feed http://www.spoozcts.com/ ?

    I think it is the same source, same feed

    Can I demand Zen-Fire thru Global Futures for example?