Which Brokers Support Trailing Stops?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by rrisch, Apr 2, 2001.

  1. rrisch


    Unfortunately, 4jays, TradePortal.com only has trailing stops for day orders, not GTC :(. Most of these direct access brokers have only the trader in mind who closes all positions when he is away from his machine. It is good that MB Trading recognizes that there is the much larger market of traders who don't desire to watch their positions constantly.
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  2. vikana

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    CyberTrader Stops: I have found CyberTraders stops to be unreliable. Sometimes they work, sometimes times they don't even though the stop criteria were met. There seemed to be most problems with trailing stops.

    I documented a few instances and communicated with Cyber, but no resolution was ever developed (that I'm aware of).

    I haven't used CyberTrader since mid January when I closed out my account.

    #22     May 8, 2001
  3. Nifty


    I heard that Datek might soon be offering this feature as well.
    #23     May 8, 2001
  4. rrisch


    That would be marvelous, Nifty. However when I asked Datek, via email recently, if they have looked into supporting them, they replied, "Not as of yet". :confused:.
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  5. mamt8r


    rrisch-did you get any reason for the navigator being delayed?
    #25     May 10, 2001
  6. rrisch


    mamt8r, I didn't get a clear reason why it was delayed. I do remember Mark saying that they had about 1100 beta testers. I suppose with all those people trying it out, they had a very big bug list to fix.
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