Which Brokers Support Trailing Stops?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by rrisch, Apr 2, 2001.

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    I have a style where (for long positions) I put a stop limit triggered if the stock goes 5% below my purchase price with a limit 6% below the purchase price. If the stock goes above 6% of my purchase price I set a stop limit triggered if the stock goes to 75% of the highest profit I could have taken since holding the stock with a limit of 70% of that profit. I do similarly for shorts.

    I find this quite tedious to do by hand. Which brokers have systems which would allow me to set this up or do some reasonable substitute, automatically, when I enter a position? Thanks.
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    cyber trader will do what you want

    go to cybercorp.com
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    Did you ever get my e-mails? I sent you 2 requesting that spreadsheet you have on scaling out positions. So far, I haven't received anything...
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    Thanks Commisso. Are they the only ones? I notice that there are quite a few negative comments about that broker. However I am not a scalper but keep buying (or shorting) relatively small quantities of different stocks from my watch lists and holding them until I am stopped out. My screens are good enough that most of these choices win. I hope Cybertrader is good for that.
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    Doesn't sound as useful as Cybercorp. It wouldn't be a good idea to restrict all my selling or buying short to ARCA, I think.
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    Pretty Ironic that after I reccomend cyber to you they cost me over a g this morning. Got into a trade and due to technical problems with the software I was unable to liquidate my position had to call and place the order and by the time this fat bastard got to the trade desk it was about a 1/2 away from where I orignaly wanted to sell!!!!
    Love starting my new quarter off this way...

    Id stay away from these guys....

  8. Mbtrader i heard supports trailing stops
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    Sorry Commisso about your bad experience with Cybertrader. You seem to be describing a difficulty with doing something interactively. Have you had an opportunity to judge if trailing stops or other orders that are left on their servers are handled well?
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    Sure they get handled well, for they are stored on their servers and then as soon as the trigger gets taken out it becomes a market order.....

    For some reason this morning the software would not take my market orders. The software kept relaying the error (market orders cant be placed before 9:30AM). So I took about a half point slippage on a 2k position dut to having to call them......
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