Which brokers offering X-Charts or CQG platforms?

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    Which brokers are offering X-Trader w/charts, i think its called X-Study, and also I cant seem to find anyone offering the 'CQG Trader' platform either....thanks
  2. TT lists distributors of its software on their webpage. I'm not sure who all carries X_Study, but check out the links under 'Distributors'.


  3. That is a list of all the XTrader brokers - the XTrader 7 group is a much smaller list. I will get the list and put it up in the next few minutes for everyone.
  4. CQG has a list of brokers on their website here:


    When using CQG as my execution front-end I use futurepath as my broker (http://www.futurepathtrading.com).

    I believe that most brokers can use CQG as their execution platform - it's just a matter of them setting up the agreements with CQG and learning to use CQG's risk control software. No special client software is needed - it just shows up on your regular statements because CQG order servers connects directly to the exchanges clearing engines and not to any particular brokers' servers (At least that's the way I understand it).

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  5. Looks like Advantage is the only current broker with XTrader 7 - and as I have said before, Vcap Futures should have XT7 with Xstudy in the next 30 to 45 days.

  6. Actually I think Fortis has it too....maybe just a very few others. So far XT7 is not in wide use by many clearing firms yet.
  7. Are you using Vcap or Advantage? If so how do you like them and how is the reliability, speed? They seem to be some of the more reputable firms out there.
  8. I am with Vcap for most of my futures trading. Vcap has NinjaTrader and XTrader 6 at the time and both platforms are very good with exceptional order execution speeds (NT platform uses TT and/or Zen-fire feed). Vcap will have XTrader 7 soon as the XSTudy gets re-released by TT (within the next couple of months).
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    Do you have to put up more money for the study, or does it come with the basic X_Trader?

    When will Velocity have it?

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