Which brokers offer a Friends and Family account?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Arjun1, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. Arjun1


    Which other brokers (other than IB) offer a F&F account?
  2. Arjun1


    So far it looks like IB is the only broker that offers this type of an account.
    The good thing about the IB F&F account is that you can trade many accounts like a pool even though all the accounts are separate. I'm looking for other brokers that offer that.


    MB Trading has their MAT (Managed Account Trading) where you can have multiple accounts linked. I have 3 linked that includes my account and accounts for friends that I trade.
  4. Sprint or AT&T :D
  5. ybfjax


    I suppose you could use api for each acct if brokerage offers you access (just ask, most platforms do have this) and then use some kind of account copier tool. Perhaps have a coder make a custom tool. Some do have multi-account managers, but may require you to be a funds manager or CTA or something like that.

    with metatrader 4, I know there are 3rd party account copier tools.
  6. zouy2000


    IB's Family and Friends Advisor Account is pretty decent to use. Why look for others?