Which Brokers for Less Active Traders?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by onondaga, Jun 7, 2002.

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    Can someone recommend a few online brokers that I should check out? It seems that the brokers mentioned in these threads are for prop daytraders. I'm planning on trading only 2 to 3 single lots per week.

    I've the info package from Lind-Waldock. I would like to be able to choose from a few more brokers.

  2. might help others if you say what you plan on trading ......futures, options, stocks?

    # of shares?

    anything you MUST have?

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    Sorry. I should have mentioned I planned on trading one Chicago futures at a time. I have a friend that is trading the same size, but he does it at a local firm which charges a slightly higher commission.
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    Thanks, PuffyGums. Do you have any dealings with them? Is that just a firm you know of or do you recommend it?
  5. I just joined Interactive Brokers so I dont have much of a history but so far so good.

    I like that I can do stocks and futures although the transfer of money between the accounts takes about 5 min worth of screwing around.

    Price is right for the e mini
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    I'm a bit confused about the fees. Is it $2.40 per futures contract and you don't have to pay the data feed if you spend over $30 commission per month. There is no other fees.

    Under currency commission, is that for changing actual currencies for deposits into your accounts?

    I'm trading spot fx now. I wanted to trade IMM during the day and GLOBEX after market so which data feed do I subscribe to? IB FX?
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    hear its good for less active accounts
  8. would use IB in any way.
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