Which brokers accept opening and closing auction orders on NYSE and Nasdaq?

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  1. ... besides Interactive Brokers.

    Which brokers accept market-on-open, limit-on-open, market-on-close or limit-on-close orders for NYSE and Nasdaq opening and closing auctions?

    Thank you.
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    We do. Doesn't everyone?
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  3. Most retail brokers I have checked (TDA, etc.) do not offer limit on open or limit on close orders.
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  5. Overnight


    OMM, did you just do a *mic drop*? Didn't know you were that hip to the youth scene.
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  6. Is the picture from the Lightspeed or TDA trading platform? Sorry for being slow-witted.

    With regard to Lightspeed, do standard commission rates apply also to auction orders?

    Thank you.
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    That is Lightspeed Trader. You would have to pay the NYSE or NASDAQ exchange fee plus our commission.
  8. What exactly is the edge to using those orders for a retail trader?
  9. d08


    The edge is not paying the spread. Also, you can move relatively large size in closing auctions and sometimes in the opening as well.
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  10. not paying the spread, but you don't know the fill price. what edge is that? size, I get
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