Which brokerage trades with most internatonal future Exhanges?

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  1. Please don't mention IB, because they are not intersted to

    open account for me. They become as big as Dinosaur but

    with the same small Dinosaur brain.

    Any other broker that offers Asian and Pacific exchanges and

    other European markets beside the usual Eurex, Liffe and

  2. Try Man Financial in Chicago. They offer trading for all domestic and most overseas markets, with multiple direct (redundant) connections. You can enter trades through an order desk, or try one of the electronic platforms. They will negotiate commission rates if your volume is sufficient. I maintained equities, futures and options trading accounts with them for about 5 years, and after trying both Tradestation and IB, it seems to me that it was a mistake to leave. Hope this helps you. Steve46
  3. Thanks steve46, for your recomandation. I did a search and
    come up with these for 6 differnet internationaly locted branches:


    This Group looks recognized and financialy reputable and stable
    and has GBP 3.5 Billion ($5.6 Billion Dollor) in capital market


    I will have a look at all of them and explain each for your
    different needs.

    Time to tell everyone that INTERACTIVE BROKERS is not one
    the best choice for internationaly traded future exchanges.

    Anyone else has other recommandation?
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  5. H2O


    Used to have an account with PMB (a few years back) but when I went to their website I see they're REFCO now.

    Their slogan was : You name it , we trade it.

    They offered almost everything
    Hope REFCO still does this ....