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  1. I have never used Oanda so I can't speak for them. I have used FXCM and TD, I would go with FXCM for forex trading.
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  2. Anyone care to share experience w/ MBTrading specifically their EXN pay for limits" plan where you get paid to put on bids/offers on their book. On paper that seems like a good deal much like stock rebate trading 2 years ago. Unless of course their book is so thin that when you get executed there is no liquidity to get you out.
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  3. bump....
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  4. foss


    I think if we have to consider this brokers mentioned above, we should also be willing to go through their reviews to be certain if they have the qualities that we want. I'm with the one that offers me excellent services and trading condition for trading.
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  5. w3c


    How much is the min deposit for FXCM?
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  6. Jason Rogers

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    FXCM offers 3 account types: Basic ($50 minimum), Premium (5k) and Active Trader (25k)

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  7. w3c


    Thanks, I forgot to check its website :D This broker looks like decent.
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  8. raybenz


    Onada is good but i am currently with 1LOTSTP. This owned by FXSystems.
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  9. w3c


    Is there any broker offer high bonus and allow scalping here?
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  10. elt4x


    Checkout Ironfx. Someties they do offer up to 100% deposit bonus. Not quite sure about scalping.
    #40     Jun 18, 2014