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  1. Re "adding additional members" they are required by regulators to make sure that there are not undisclosed additional participants in the account - that would be a good way to launder money etc.
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  2. How could anyone know who the members of the LLC are without taking legal action?

    The LLC states that a subscription agreement would apply to the addition of any new members after the formation. My ownership schedule is all dated at the time of formation, so the subscription agreements do not apply to the original members in the LLC at the time of formation.

    is it common, reasonable, or legal to require me to provide a broker with a subscription agreement and reason for LLC formation beyond the original explanation of financial planning and legal protection?
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    Hi Ironplates,

    If you're already familiar with Ninja, you can also use it for forex trading. FXCM has it available here
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  4. i was informed by global futures that ninja trader was terrible for FX. This was by the same person that told me MT4 was only platform allowed by US clients due to regulations.
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  5. If you live in the US, I'd suggest MB Trading. Stay away from FXCM 'cause their spreads aren't good and they have some history of screwing the clients with slippage.

    It really doesn't matter what platform you trade on. I do fine on MT4 or any other platform. Broker, yes, they can affect your performance with their games/restrictions.

    If you don't live in the US and not a US Citizen, I'd say Thinkforex is the best MT4 broker. Instant execution. I have an account with IronFX, but their spreads are higher and they play more "broker games". So I think I'm going to keep the account there (since the trading history looks good), but I won't use them for intraday trades anymore. With Thinkforex, you can also get the $3/lot rebate through cashbackforex.

    Whoever asked for one in the UK, I WOULD NOT recommend Alpari. When I set up an account there, I got nothing but requotes. I tranferred my account out of there very quickly. Open an account at Thinforex. I haven't seen better, yet.
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    been over eight years with oanda and left them a week ago thanks to their 'new improved dynamic spreads' ...
    Went to Dukascopy and quite satisfied so far ...
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  7. im not so sure about sites, but you can check out with users such as DiFor and forexangel, im not sure if they are here but i see them a lot in other forums, they offer high rebates :D best of luck, i guess it depends with what broker you are using, if its hotforex or any other broker make sure to ask the IB or rebates about it :) best of luck :)
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  8. what are peoples look on OEC and ROSENTHAL COLLINS GROUP?
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    I'm not sure if it is any different but I use OEC for futures and I get locked out of trading every few weeks. I just got locked out today and had to use customer support. The customer support chat provided on the platform doesn't even produce a response anymore. I have to go through the website customer support chat to get a reply. They told me since OEC was purchased by GAIN, they have been migrating services.
    I'm not satisfied with this response but they won't go further in giving me an explanation for delays in customer service availability and timeliness.
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  10. autocore


    Just some thougts from me

    So far i have seen 3 Retail Fororexbrokers that I would use on my own and the posibility to trade Globex Futures.

    I would like to share the pros and cons with you


    It is a good broker with no requotes or any other kind of strange things happening . Best thing is that the client is really able to trade only one unit. That means a beginner can trade real account with almost no risk involved.

    Sadly the spreads are not as good as they used to be . Still fair but not the best any more. And they are not an ECN. Meaning there is no chance of earning the spread instead of paying for it

    Here you can checkout OANDAs Spreads:


    Interactive Brokers

    They have a real Forex ECN. Meaning you can be the marketmaker yourselve and not paying any spreadcosts. If you just trade market orders the spread costs are quite low

    Sometimes 0,5 PIPS on majors

    They charge comisssion on the trades of about 0,2 PIPS


    This means overall you will have a total spread of about 0,7 PIPS what is very good.

    But note : as you have a minimum comission of 2 USD the low spread costs only apply if you trade whole lots. Otherwise it would be more expensive


    a real ECN too, meaning you can earn the spread instead of paying. Nevertheless the spread ist most of the time only 0,01 PIPS on the majors.


    But note you will have to pay an additional comission of 0,35 PIPS per trade making the total spread about 0,8 PIPS on the majors

    Concerning real forex i personally would suggest Dukascopy. It is not as ceap as IAB but if you sometimes trade smaller sizes because of money management it is much cheaper

    Globex futures

    Futures are best regulated market . But sizes are high. Not good for moneymanagement. And the the spreads are higher than with IAB Forex or Dukascopy

    My own small conclusion after 15 years of forex trading.
    Maybe there are now other interesing players in the market that I do know so far. Would be interested in every other advice
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