Which broker?

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  1. I haven't traded with alpari but i think they are a decent broker, but if you are thinking of going ofshore then you might as well try hotforex, they are really convenient if you ask me and best of luck!!
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  2. Good call.. Alpari leaves a lot to be desired..

    Can't say I can recommend TradeStation. They have a good platform but their total cost for trading FX isn't the best, and I heard they have issues with slippage and execution. Though, to be fair I haven't traded with them live. For me, knowing they used to just be a front end for Gain Capital was enough to not want to do business with them.


    One option would be Pepperstone, who's Razor account spreads are rather good (~0.2-0.6 pips on EUR/USD) and execution is great (3-4 hundred milliseconds for me on average, effectively instant.)

    The spread and execution comes from tapping into Integral's ECN grid for quotes and liquidity.


    They do fund segregation as well..
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    Hi theanalyst, I can recommend you Hirose Financial UK Ltd. (hiroseuk.com). Its FSA Regulated Broker in London and a subsidiary of Hirose Tusyo Japan (hirose-fx.co.jp)

    Hirose UK have tight spreads, fast execution, n user friendly platform (ActTrader).:)
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  4. Went live with Oanda. Well see how hard this is compared to trading stocks.
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  5. Cool.

    Good luck!

    If you're coming from stocks, don't get caught up in the lower timeframe noise so soon... take it easy, don't over-leverage, and just find out what works best for you.

    Oh, and be very mindful of news releases scheduled.. that should be factored into every plan you have for a trade. I mention this again since Oanda widens spreads during this time and it catches people off guard if they didn't expect it.
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  6. Thanks! So far so good. I am trading small lots right now to just practice. And I see what you mean about the longer time frames. I am finding the 15 minute to be good for entry, but I am using 1 hour or 4 hour charts for trend. I am executing via the Oanda FxTrade and using MT4 for charts. Thanks again for helping me choose.
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    I want to use IC Markets but I dont know which is the best rebate site. Can someone help?
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  8. Have you tried hotforex? I remember this broker's from UK.
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    while at it...

    non us citizen, i am after plan B FX broker..

    what is the best option these days ? swing trading 5 - 20 contracts.

    I do not care for spread but to get paid if win. I am leaning towards non ecn broker. Potential for slippage with ecn is enormous.

    what people think of forex.com ?
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  10. I am in the process of opening an FX with Global Futures and MT4 was difficult for me to navigate through. However, been in the demo stage with FXCM Trading Station and it is easy and intuitive to work with.

    I use Ninja for futures and stocks.

    I also am opening an account with Trade Station, anything I may want to know about them.

    They are asking me to tell them why I choose elements of my LLC operating agreement. Why is a broker requiring me to explain my ops agreement? In my agreement I have the right but not the obligation to add additional members. Is this common that a broker have that kind of control?
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